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A Full Ten Percent Of General Motors Bailout Paid Back

By Nicolas Loris

General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre should have thought twice about the title of his Wall Street Journal op-ed, “The GM Bailout: Paid Back in Full.” GM did announce that it would repay the $5.8 billion ($4.7 billion to U.S, $1.1 billion to Canada) remaining balance on the loans the automaker received from the U.S. and Canadian governments. GM is making good on the repayment early – the company had until 2015 to repay the full $8.4 billion loan. But the reality is that this accounts for only 10 percent of the full taxpayer bailout.

The loan repayment is a sign of progress for the struggling automaker, an undeniably good thing. With 90 percent of the taxpayer’s funds tied up in government-controlled equity, there’s still a long way to go to right this ship. Real progress will be made when the government turns GM back to the private sector.   …  

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NewsBusted Video – 23rd April

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Navy Nears Tipping Point As New Threats Rise

By William R. Hawkins

Last month, the Center for Naval Analyses (which now prefers to simply go by its initials CNA) published the disturbing study The Navy at a Tipping Point: Maritime Dominance at Stake? by Daniel Whiteneck, Michael Price, Neil Jenkins, and Peter Swartz. It warned that at its present size, the U.S. Navy cannot sustain its current level of global operations. CNA is a federally funded research and development center serving the Department of the Navy and other defense agencies. The views of its authors do not represent USN or Defense Department policy, but they do seek to inform policy-makers.   …  

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Free National Webcast Conference This Saturday!

Tell your friends, tell other ACT members, and by all means PLEASE remind any elected officials and staff you know!

“Radical Islam: A Threat America Must Take Seriously”

will take place THIS SATURDAY, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

To log on use this link:

If you can watch a YouTube video, you can watch this webcast.
Speakers include Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Phares, Robert Spencer, John Guandolo, and Guy Rodgers.
We look forward to you joining us this Saturday, April 24th!

American Congress for Truth
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591


Caruba’s Crystal Ball

By Alan Caruba

I rarely make predictions. Events can change the entire direction of a nation in the blink of an eye. It happened in my lifetime with Pearl Harbor, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the resignation of Richard M. Nixon, and with 9/11.

As this is being written, air traffic to, from, and throughout Europe is barely recovering because of an Icelandic volcano and no one really knows how long that will continue.

So, barring any catastrophic natural events or wars, I will look into my crystal ball and narrow my predictions to the period between now and the midterm election on November 2, 2010.   …  

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Believers in our Constitution and the Rule of Law, Please Read and Do

The Patriot Declaration Read and Sign
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